Introduction: 3D Printed Stamps for Leather

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We have decided to create this tutorial to share our new project, that was requested by one of our customers. The main use of this stamps which can be easily produced at home, is to leave your desired pattern on the raw skin. For our type of stamps, we used technology fully based on 3d printing (Prusa 3D printer), the stamp consist of two parts: "the holder" and the pattern.

Step 1: What Do We Need

Technology:software for creation 3 d model of the stamp (we used blender) ,3d printer(apropriate fillament, PLA, ABS is more durable or "pet G")

Tools: hammer, wood working clamps(otpional),piece of wood to spread the pressure under the clamps while pushing the pattern(optional, depends on size of stamp)

Materials: calfskin without treatment,water

Step 2: The Shape Choice

Choose the shape you want to use for creating your stamp. Our suggestion for the first modeling, is to try create simple shape.

Of course everything depends on your modeling skills of 3d software. Download the picture in JPEG or PNG file (again, depends on which software you are using) from internet, then use the picture as base.

Don´t foget to create also the holder for your patterned stamp.

If you are not familiar with any 3D program, so some stamps can be downloaded here:

Step 3: Slicing

If you finished modeling of your stamp, let´s export this file into slicing software (we used Simplify3D). You can also turn your model to have nice raster and better strength properties.

Step 4: Let´s Print Our Stamp!

Export your file to STL. and let´s print.

If you do not have a 3D printer at home, do not worry, we'll still send you any pattern.

Or write to mail

Step 5: The Preparation of Leather

In meanwhile,we have to prepare the skin. The best way is to put it for at least 5 minutes to hot water to make it

more softer, that the pattern can be easily adapted into it, because leather has amazing skills of remembering.

Step 6: Puting Things Together.

Now, take the holder and the patterned stamp and insert it inside.

Now its prepared for use.

Step 7: Stamping

Now is the time to use the hammer or clamps. We suggest to prepare pad, where you will put wet skin, take hammer and hit the stamp carefully.

If you prefer to use clamps, use piece of wood which spreads the pressure under the clamps while pushing the pattern into leather. Try to be precise.

Like this you can create really nice patterns.

So, enjoy! If you have any questions, suggestions or you just want to share something , don't hesitate to contact us! :)