3D Printed Stepper Motor V1.1




Introduction: 3D Printed Stepper Motor V1.1

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This is a follow up to my previous instructable of my 3D Printed Stepper motor I designed to show others how stepper motors work. Many people had mentioned adding LEDs to help visualize which coils were activating. Looking through my part bins I found the perfect 16 NeoPixel ring from Adafruit. It's a coincidence that it fit perfectly under the electromagnets. I couldn't have planned that any better. In this instructable I will show you how to add the NeoPixel rings to the stepper motor.

If you guys like this project, please vote at the top for the Epilog contest. I have always wanted a laser cutter and it would make a great addition to my lab. I could use it to maker more educational displays. I am currently working on a 3d printed axial flux stepper motor that should be done soon.

Step 1: Assembly

Use this schematic in conjunction with the schematic from the previous instructable to add the NeoPixel ring to your stepper motor. Once you have the NeoPixel ring connected to the arduino, use glue to attach it to the motor under the electromagnets. Upload the new code and you're good to go.

Step 2: Thank You

If you guys liked this project please vote at the top for the Epilog contest. A laser cutter would make a great addition to my lab. I could use it with the 3d printer to make more prototyping projects and educational displays. If I win, I will do another giveaway on my Youtube Channel.

The current giveaway on my youtube channel is still going on until September 1st. I will be giving away an arduino, the transistors used in this project, along with some switches and jumper wires.

Rules for the giveaway:

Subscribe to myYouTube Channel, like this videoand leave a comment on the video saying what you would like to see me build next. On September 1st I will randomly select a subscriber's comment and ship them out for free! Thank you guys for being such a welcoming community!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Dude this project is dope!!!! it looks like Tony Stark's Arc Reactor. Good Job!! Big Thumbs Up..


    6 years ago

    Another idea is to have the lights light up in a spiral pattern