Introduction: 3D Printed TINY Planters

Inspired by the interesting planters that populate Autodesk's Pier 9 office, I sought to create my own version of the office planter on a micro scale. My goal was to allow plants to flourish in the most unlikely of places — tiny crevices between desks.

(You can read my original blogpost about this project for Autodesk's 123D here.)

You will need:

  • Air plants (I chose Scaposa Kolbii because they are hearty yet whimsical.)
  • Access to the interwebs (for 123D Design)
  • 3D printer

Step 1: Design Your Planters

I made mine on the online version of 123D Design. I made a number of iterations (especially with spheres and triangles) but found the square planters to be the most durable and aesthetically pleasing.

To make your planters:

  1. Select a box from the primitives sidebar. Size it to roughly 20mm x 20 x 20.
  2. Go to the sketches panel and create a rectangle sketch 18 x 18.
  3. With the sketch selected, find the extrude tool in the gear menu that pops up and push the sketch down to roughly -18.
  4. Make a second box. This will be used to secure your planter in the crevice, so make sure you measure the crevice beforehand. I found that the space between desks was somewhere around 5mm so I made my second box 35 x 5 x 5.
  5. Position the second box roughly in the center of the face of the first box opposite the hole. Group both boxes.
  6. Go back to primitives and crate a cone with a radius of half of your second box. Position it at the end of your second box and group the entire thing.
  7. Export for printing.

I repeated the same steps with different shapes from the primitives menu — simplicity is key.

Step 2: Print Your Planters

I used Vero Clear material on an objet 500 connex, because I wanted my planters to be discrete.

But you should go crazy and print them on whatever you want.

Step 3: Find Tiny Office Crevices and Plant Your Planters!

Put them in between desks.

Put them in between comfy chairs.

BONUS POINTS if you put them in tiny wall cracks.

Put them any place that needs some air plant love and enjoy!