Introduction: 3D Printed Trellis Clip (designed in Fusion 360)

In this instructable I will guide you through the entire process of designing and 3D printing a trellis clip.

This initially started on paper as a concept. After all the design dimensions were done while drawing in Fusion 360. The first design was a bit tough to clip then release so the final version included a longer clip as well as a trap for the string which it is intended to clip to which around a tomato stem.


The physical Equipment and Materials required:

  • FDM 3D Printer (other types can work just fine also)
  • PLA, ABS or PETG filament

Software required for designing:

  • Fusion 360 (Inventor is also a great program)
  • Slicer: Simplify 3D(recommended) / Cura / Prusa Slic3r
    • This takes the model from Fusion etc and coverts it into commands for the 3D printer.
    • Has parameters that can be set to change properties of the final part, strength etc.

Optional for ABS printing:

  • Kapton tape (get the largest width that can fit on your print bed)

That's it!!

Step 1: Open Fusion 360 and Create a New Design

You can skip the details of this step, I have included the files to 3D print.

The pictures were only provided for those who are new to Fusion 360 and are interested in a step by step design tutorial. The design file is also attached, the timeline at the bottom of the Fusion 360 application window shows the steps taken also.

The design process summarized:

  1. Draw your design on paper, it helps a lot and prevents you from getting lost in design in Fusion 360. Having a fair idea of what you want to make in 2D before moving to 3D makes the process easier.
  2. Open up Fusion, create a blank file and set up document units.
  3. Draw and extrude the first half of the clip.
  4. Create a work plain to draw the second half of the clip. You can use the section analysis tool to see and interference going further.
  5. Draw and extrude the second half of the clip.
    1. Only difference here is to select "New Body" when extruding.
    2. Also hide bodies as necessary to have new extrusions only join to visible bodies.
  6. Export for 3D printing
    1. Expand the "Bodies" folder in the browser on the left of the window.
    2. Right click on each of the bodies, you should have 2 unless something goes wrong.
    3. Select "Save As STL" and save each individually.

Step 2: 3D Print the Saved STLs

Now that we have our files that any slicer would accept:

  1. Import both parts of the clip into your slicer of choice.
  2. Use the following recommended parameters:
    1. Infill: 100%
    2. Layer height: 0.2
    3. Brim: Yes (can be optional)
    4. Supports: No

Kapton tape is recommended if printing in ABS.

Step 3: Assembly

Assembly is simple.

Either slide or click the 2 piece together and snap them around a plant, just under the fruit cluster or branch.

Step 4: All Design File

Here I have included the Fusion 360 f3d file as well as the STL from the original Thingiverse and Youmagine post that I originally made and the one I re did in Fusion 360.

Step 5: External Design Publications

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