Introduction: 3D Printed Tunnel Carpal Tutor

The Carpal Tunnel is a tight structure, a 'tunnel' in the wrist. The bottom and sides of this tunnel are formed by the wrist bones (carpo).

NOTE: This project is not intended to diagnose or treat any type of condition.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the surrounding tissue flexes tend to swell, resulting in compression on the median nerve. These fabrics are called synovius. The synovial membrane lubricates the tendons and makes movement easier. The swelling of the synovium narrows the confined space of the carpal tunnel, and over time it causes a nerve's suffering. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve in its passage through the carpal tunnel.

Step 1: 3D Print

A rigid braid or braid worn at night keeps the wrist in neutral position. This prevents the night nerve irritation of the median nerve that occurs when the wrists are bandaged during sleep.

The advantage of a 3D tutor is definitely to be perfectly shaped to the arm, lightweight and replicable.

The file I used was downloaded from Thingiverse:

The tutor was printed in PLA with the 3D OM3GA Printer at a resolution of 0.2mm.

Step 2: Modeling

Once printed, the modeling phase begins with hot water, the piece is immersed in a pot filled with water at about 100°C, after a few seconds we pull it out of the pot and apply it to the wrist, at this time we can shape suitable for our purpose and when it seems good we cool it in cold water.

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