3D Printed USB Casing

Introduction: 3D Printed USB Casing

Hi everyone,

In this instructable we'll make our own USB casing using 3D printing.

This project was made by Abdullah Al-Dar in Fab Lab Dhahran

Step 1: Requirements

The requirements for this project are as follows:

  1. USB sticks without covers (can be found on Alibaba)
  2. 3D Printer (you can print using 3dhubs if you don't have your own)
  3. Super Glue
  4. A little bit of ingenuity ;)


  1. ذاكرة خارجية غير مغلفة
  2. طابعة 3 دي
  3. غراء
  4. بعض الإبداع

Step 2: Measure USB Stick

  1. Measure the dimensions of your cover-less USB stick.
  2. Using those dimensions make a hole in your design as shown in the attached picture.
  3. Depending on the accuracy of the print you might wanna add a little bit of tolerance to allow the USB stick to fit with ease.
  4. Do NOT make your design too big or otherwise you might find difficulties connecting your USB to your PC/laptop. Give some space for the USB head to allow for easy connection with USB ports.

I have included 5 designs that I made using Blender (Camera, Water Tower, Plain Look, Egg, Plain Look #2)

قياس الحجم:

  1. قم بقياس الذاكرة
  2. قم بعمل تجويف في التصميم بنفس القياسات
  3. اجعل الحجم اكبر قليلا لأن الطباعة ستكون اصغر بسبب ضعف الدقة
  4. لا تجعل التصميم كبيرا لأنه قد يعيق وصل الذاكرة بالحاسب

Step 3: 3D Print Your Design

This step is straight forward if you have a 3D printer and you know what you're doing. Otherwise, the 3D printing service you use will take care of all of the printing settings.

قم بالطباعة الثلاثية الآن

Step 4: Glue & Attach

  1. Using Super Glue, add a few drops in the hole you made in the casing.
  2. Then simply insert the USB drive inside
  3. Leave it for a few minutes to dry out. 10 - 15 minutes should do the trick.
  4. That's it! Enjoy your custom made USB case :D


  1. قم بتصميغ الذاكرة, قطرات قليلة تكفي
  2. ضع الذاكرة في الغلاف
  3. اتركها لتجف
  4. التصميم جاهز الآن

Step 5: Ideas & Thoughts

There are so many things that could have been done differently in designing a USB cover, let me share a few of those ideas:

  1. You can make your design with or without cover
  2. You might wanna add sliding mechanism to hide the USB stick in the casing (this might involve some testing depending on the 3D printer you are using)
  3. You can make make casing that looks like animal, stick figures, fruits...etc Go CRAZY with your ideas and definitely you'll make something genius.
  4. If the USB sticks have small LED, you can use transparent(frosted) 3D printing material which will make the LED light "bleed" in the design (imagine an eye where the LED is :O)

If you make anything using this instructable please do share. I'd love to see what you guys are making.

Thank you for reading my tutorial :)

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