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Introduction: 3D Printed USB Storage

Hi everyone!

In the past i store my USBs in my drawer. But it not was very effective! (You see on the before/after pictures)

I make a 3D printed USB storage with tinkercad, and i think it is very usefull.

Important: The storage only work with neckstrap.

(And sorry for the bad english)


1.Computer (Because you need to make the plan with Tinkercad.)

-The type of filament is does not metter.

2.3D printer (Or a friend who has :D)

3.Tools: Measuring device, screw, screwdriver, some USB


Step 1: Measure the USBs

The first is the lenght. You can measure the USBs like in the picture. (Green line) (My USB store is 9.6cm)

Green line width is 1.3cm

The walls width is 0.2cm (Red lines)

Height of the USBs is very different. I recommend the 5.5cm height.

The width of the storage: Chose the largest USB and measure the width. (My largest USB is 1cm so i set up 1.3cm, because the biggest hole is better than the smallest!)

The front of the storage is 0.5cm, so outcome: 1.3+1.3+0.5=3.1

Step 2: USB Slots

Next step is the cuting of the USB holes

The bottom size is 0,5cm.

Then you need to cut a gap to the USB nackstrap. It coud be any size (I use 0,5cm)

Then you get the first slot

You need to repeat this steps!

Step 3: Fixing Points

Last step is the fixing points design.

I just put 2 same size block and cut hole in.

Step 4: Printing

Before you print, you need to put in the plan some stick under the fixing point. For example: 6 piece 0.2 cylinder.

Step 5: Done

The storage is done, so you can fix up anywhere!!! :)

Here is some document, when you want to try print one.


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    10 months ago

    This definitely looks much nicer! :)