Introduction: 3D Printed Watch With Hidden USB Flash Drive

In this tutorial, you will learn how to hide a USB flash drive in a wrist watch. Now you can hold all kinds of data files on your wrist and not worry about forgetting your flash drive or leaving it somewhere.

By using a 3D printer you can make a new case for an existing watch that lets you hide a flash drive inside.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

In order to make a hidden USB watch you will need the following items:

A 3D printer


Scroll saw


USB flash drive

Watch face

Hot glue gun

Chisel and/or sandpaper

Step 2: Make the New Watch Case on a CAD Program

In order to make the 3D printed watch case, you need to design it on a CAD program like Sketch Up or Onshape or any other CAD modeling program. I used Sketch Up for making the watch case and band. You need to make sure the band is separated from the case of the watch.

This project uses a working watch and by removing the watch band we can make a new case and band that has room to hide the USB drive.

Step 3: Print the Watch Case and Band

Now that you have your 3D watch on a CAD program, you need to get it into a slicing program. Make your watch into a STL file. Then use Makerbot print if you are using a Makerbot 3D printer or if you are using any other brand of a 3D printer, you can use any other type of a slicing program. Edit the watch to your settings and then send it to the 3D printer and print your watch.

Step 4: Make the Watch Case Holder

So now that you have your new watch case and band 3D printed, you will need something to hold the old case of the watch that can hide the USB flash drive. You can simply hot glue the wood to the band of the watch.

Step 5: Attach Watch Band to USB Flashdrve and Watch Face

So now that you got your watch case holder onto your band, you can add your face and 3D printer. You will need to hot glue the face to the wood. Then, you will need to take apart the USB flash drive so the way it can fit into the watch. Lastly, hot glue the USB flash drive onto the other side of the watch face holder, but not to far so that way it can be used correctly.

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