Introduction: 3D Printed Wire Frame Cube Spinner Desk Toy

About: I'm a Mechanical Engineer who has been a part of this community for over 10 years! My interests have evolved over time, and now center around 3D printing.

While looking at a wire frame cube at an angle, I was inspired by the way in which the sides of the shape interact and create interesting shapes with the light. I modeled this desktop toy to spin a wire frame cube at an angle for some interesting effects.


The first two people who print one, and post pictures, I will award a three-month pro membership to! Thanks for reading!

Step 1: Printing Challenges

The white base was printed on a Makerbot 2X, and the red spinning cube was printed vertically on a Makerbot 5th Generation 3D printer, making for a difficult print due to the small area at the base of the print. On the close-up images, you can see the print errors where the overhang affected print quality, but with careful settings, it is possible to print vertically without any support material. To do this, it was necessary to slow down outlines and insets, in the more advanced printing settings - but where exactly this is located will depend on your printer, software of choice, etc.

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