3D Printer Filament Bobbin Holder - Version 2.0




Introduction: 3D Printer Filament Bobbin Holder - Version 2.0

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UPDATE 10 JULY 2020: I included a step (and .STL file) at the end for 75mm wide bobbins. (PRUSA Brand)

UPDATE 28 JULY 2020: I included a step (and .STL file) at the end for 60mm wide bobbins. (eSUN Brand)


So version 1.0 (PVC Bobbin Holder) ended up not working well, so behold version 2.0.

All parts can be printed without support and require no post processing.

NOTE: This is sized for a 65mm wide bobbin.


  1. Qty 2 (sold by the pair): Sliding Glass Door Rollers
  2. Qty 4 1/4" 1" Long Screws (Thread and head style not important)
  3. Qty 4 1/4" Nuts
  4. Qty 4 1/4" Washers


  1. 3D Printer
  2. Wrench
  3. Screwdriver

Step 1: 3D Print the 4 Parts

I've included the Fusion 360 files in case you want to make any changes.

Print settings for Ender 5 Pro (using Cura):

  1. 1.75mm PLA (Overture Brand)
  2. 0.12 mm layers 25% infill
  3. 0.8mm wall thickness
  4. 0.5mm top/bottom
  5. 205C and 55C temps
  6. No supports
  7. 100mm/sec speed
  8. Hairspray

Step 2: Assembly Step #1

Gather all the parts.

Step 3: Assembly Step #2

Insert one of the small 3D printed parts into the two larger parts.

Step 4: Assembly Step #3

Install the second smaller part.

Step 5: Assembly Step #4

Attach the rollers with the 1/4" hardware as shown above. (Washer goes under the nut.) Hand tight and then an additional 1/4 turn to be tight.

Step 6: Finished

Thanks for taking the time to read through my Instructable. Please send me any questions or comments you might have. I try to answer them all. Stay safe and healthy! Happy Printing!

I've only been using version 2.0 for a few days, but its much better than version 1.0 so far. Absolutely silent (where version 1.0 was constantly making noises). And no "escapes" (yet). I'll update if anything changes.

Step 7: 75mm Wide Bobbin

I recently purchased some filament other than the Overture brand. Found out that the PRUSA brand uses a 75mm wide bobbin. Please see below .STL file for the cross pieces if you are using filament with that size bobbin. No other changes are needed. Just swap over to these which are 10mm wider.

Step 8: 60mm Wide Bobbin

Update 28 July 2020. Same as for the 75mm. Just swap out these parts (.STL attached) if your bobbin is 60mm wide.

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    2 years ago

    Very nice. Personally. I think it's less about the PLA on rollers or other dispensers, than it is about solving the age old badly wound filament problem. I find that about half of the rolls I buy, and brand doesn't seem to matter, get snagged on the roll at some point in a print. I've had a couple of breakage issues only to find that the bobbins have been wound with some sort of cross over in the winding point causing jams, where they bind then break (man I hate that)
    That said, the holder is really nicely done and designed, and I like the patio door sliders instead of the usual skateboard bearings.
    Thanks for sharing this.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks. Yeah it sits nicely inside the rollers. II've only been doing the FDM printer for a little more than a month now (prior experience is all on SLA), so don't have much experience with different brands yet. I've only used the Overture brand so far, but one roll I just finished did seem to have a weird wind towards the end. It kept wanting to jump out of the holder. I'm just about to kill another roll, and all of it on this holder with no issues so far.


    2 years ago

    That's fantastic - super smooth and quiet :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks. (It's much better than my first attempt.)