Introduction: 3D Printer Threaded Funnel

About: I am an electronic systems engineer.

Hello, this is my first instructable, I hope you like it.

A few months ago I built a 3D printer and since then I started to design pieces useful for me and I think it may be also useful for anyone.

The design that I show you is a threaded funnel that is placed in the deposit of a rototiller. This makes it easier to fill the tank with gasoline without spill any drop.

Then I am going to show you how I did it.

Step 1: Design

To design the funnel I used the program Solidworks 2015.First I took the measurements of the thread to fit in the tank. Then I gave the funnel measures that I found appropriate.

Step 2: Repetier Host

I saved the file with the STL extension and I opened it with the program "Repeiter Host".

Then I set the parameters as shown in the picture.

Here you are the STL file to print it directly.

Step 3: Printing

The impression lasts about 7 hours. It can be done in much less time if you do not want so much quality .

In the pictures and videos you can see how the impression is made .

Step 4: Finished Project

After 7 hours, the funnel is finished .

It fits perfectly into the fuel tank .

Looking forward to your comments and questions.