Introduction: 3D Printer - Verifying Accuracy of Print

Ever wondered how accurate your 3D Printer will create your model?

I wanted to cap the ends of an open tube in my bathroom, so i took the chance to find out!

Printer Model: Buccaneer by Pirate3D

Material: PLA

CAD Software: Solidworks

Step 1: Take the Measurements

First thing to do is to take the physical dimensions.

I wish i had a vernier caliper, but in this case a ruler will be just as good.

Step 2: Create a Range of CAD Models

Create models approximate 1~2mm above and below measured size and print them all out in a single go!

Step 3: Let the Printing Begin!

Fingers crossed...

Step 4: Print Complete!

You can see the variation of ID of the plugs as laid out on the print bed.

Guess which is the correct fit? Remember the measured ID from the open end of the tube is 13.5mm.....



Well, believe it or not, it is the 13.5mm model that fits snugly! Pretty amazing considering the model is printed at the lowest resolution of 340microns!

If you are wondering why the print bed is covered with masking tape, you can see my other instructable here!

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