Introduction: 3D Printing Pen

Have you ever wanted to have a 3d printer? With its amazing DIY project usefulness, but it's just too expensive. Well, here's a nice, cheap, and easy way to make a 3d printing pen, which will get you started on your journey into the 3d printing world. This is a very cool hack that will give you the capabilities of a 3d printer in the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, 3d printing pens aren't automatic, or as accurate as a 3d printer, but it will get you on your way, while you work your way towards a 3d printer. Plus, even if you already have a 3d printer, it's still a fun toy to mess around with.
While not the prettiest, or most elegant thing on earth, this rig will get the job done for you.

Please vote for this in the 3D printing contest, a nice 3D printer would be a very cool thing to have.

Step 1: Parts

  1. Hot End/ Extruder (Part that melts filament)
  2. Battery (12 Volt battery any size)
  3. Filament (Thin Plastic)
  4. Switch
  5. Wire
  6. 3D Printer (To print case for the hotend) If you don't have a 3D printer you can use a service like 3D Hubs or FlexBuild3D.
  7. Electrical Tape

Step 2: 3D Print Your Enclosure

3D Print this object at a .2 layer height and 35% infill w/ Support. Should take around 2 hours. Also on one side cut/burn a hole for the wires to come out of. (as seen in the picture above)

Step 3: Wire Up the Hot End

There should be 2 end caps coming from the hot end. All hot ends are different but in my case the wires were green. Attach a wire to the end of the wire from the hot end. Solder and cover with electrical tape. On one of the wires attach a slide switch so you can turn it on and off. (Optional)

Step 4: Enclose the Hot End

Once you have wired up the hot end, get your enclosure and position it in there. Have the wires go thought the holde you burnt/cut eariler. Put a starting amount of filament into the hot end and put the top of the 3d print on. Make the print stay together with a little electrical tape. Also attach the button onto the side with tape.

Step 5: Start Printing

Connect the wires, coming from the hot end, to a 12 volt battery or any 12 volt power source. It will take around 5 minutes to fully heat up. 'Extrude' the filament by pushing the filament down towards the hot end. If you are printing upwards blow on the plastic gentally for a better result. Don't forget to vote for this project in the 3D printer contest! Happy printing!

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