Introduction: 3D Printing - Push Up Bar Add-on!

I had an injury before and have trouble placing my palm flat against the floor (see the video). As such, i cant really do push ups and have since bought the Kettler push up bars. These are great but painful as a lot of pressure is exerted in the palms due to the small size of the handles given the huge body weight.

This project is about creating two additional 3D printed parts that will serve as elevated bigger bases on the handles for the palms to rest on!

Step 1: Get Palm Dimensions and Create 3D Model!

Press one of your palms against a sheet of paper on a table and trace the outline, leaving out the fingers and wrist.

Take a ruler and make some rough measurements and then translate them onto your preferred cad software to create a 3d model. You have two hands, so the 2nd will have to be a mirror image of the first model.

Step 2: Start Printing!

I did my print at 340 microns and 10% fill density.

The size of the slot for the handle is very important, so it is always better to get a loose fit than an undersized one as PLA or ABS cant really be stretched or flexed much. The extra space can always be taken up by using masking tape, etc..

Step 3: Finished Product!

I had a hard time removing the original sponge on the handle, so i simply rolled them towards the end.

Mine was a little loose, so i made a few turns of masking tap on the shaft of the handle before slotting in the add-on.

Felt pretty good to the hands, hope you try it too!

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