Introduction: 3D Printing - Experiment With Structures at Various Angles Measured From Printbed

This project tries to find out capability of my Buccaneer Pirate3D printer handling models with slanted structures.

The 3D test model is first created in Solidworks, showing columns of same dimension but angled at different slants with the print bed as reference. I have also attached my excel worksheet for those interested in playing around with the trigonometry. It basically uses the formula tangent = opposite/adjacent.

The model is printed at 340 microns with no supports or special base adhesion, except for the use of masking tape over the original print bed as described 3D Printer - PLA sticking issues resolved!.

Once printing is completed, it can be observed that up until the angle of 35 degrees off the print bed, print quality of the model is still of good and acceptable condition. At 25 degrees however, print quality deteriorates due to the fact that each layer is laid too far out into the unsupported empty air, causing the filament of the layer to droop and result in a coarse and deformed finishing. See the video for better understanding.

Above is my learning journey is this fantastic process of 3d printing, hope to share and inspire everyone!