Introduction: 3D Puff Paper

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Puff up that Paper Puff it up!!!

Get your cutter cutting on the desk top and then puff it up!!

Yep I know you love that jam!! Hope you like this Ible. It will take your paper projects to the next level. Everyone loves texture and 3D !! Getting to that next dimension is truly exciting, so join me while we take simple paper fonts and puff it up!!

Here are some ideas you can use this particular process. Take the sign rage by storm and produce fonts and verses that will wow everyone.

House numbers, Garden signs, Yard art, Wall art, Sculpture, Frames, Costume pieces like collars ,crowns ,Props, puffed up photo ops all designed your way.

Let’s get started

Step 1: Materials

Project Idea

Electronic cutting machine

Font or Design

Cardstock or paper ( 80# cardstock works very well)

Smooth-On Foam it

Eye shields, mask, gloves etc. to protect yourself. (follow foam-it instructions)


Thumb tacks or tweezers for lifting up. I like to pour on mix and then lift to clean plastic area to cure.


Silicone oil (optional)

Silicone Brush or popsicle stick (Dedicated for Art projects)

Silicone or Teflon mat ( Plastic drop cloth or old shower curtain will work)

Disposable mixing cups or silicone mixing cup

Note: Silicone products are affordable ,reusable and easy to clean.

Step 2: Paper Cutting

Choose your design and cut it out. Glue or tape pieces to create larger projects if desired.
This is the time we’re You can truly think about the project and create.

Dry fit pieces if needed before puffing it up!

For this project we are doing the letter A. I have chosen a nice font from the Silhouette design store and sized it. You can do individual letters, full words etc. The cutting mat is 12" wide so even if you decide you need a giant letter it will be no problem just cut individual pieces and then assemble together before making it puff-up.

Step 3: Prep Area

After collecting your materials find you a warm dry area that can remain undisturbed for about an hour. lay down your protective sheet paying close attention to the area needed to lay your project on.

Step 4: Puff It Up!!!

Protect yourself and read instructions!!!

Foam-it is a wonderful product. Most are familiar with expandable polyurethane in a can that is a crack filler or as I like to call it "sculptor in a can". The problem with it in a can is that we don't have much control but with foam-it we do, quite a bit more. This is a two part product with a 1:1 ratio by volume and it comes in several variations like Flexfoam-it that expands and stays soft or very rigid that expands in different densities. I love all of them.

Liquid Foam-it expands and cures very quick allowing us to finish projects in a very short time.

I am using Foam-it 3 it has a 1 min. working time - 20 min. handling / tack-free time cures in about 2 hrs. or quicker and 18 times expansion. Now since we are pouring it onto a flat surface and not really trapping it in the height will depend on how you pour it.

Pour your material into your cups A & B. Mix quickly and begin pouring onto paper cut-out. try to be as fast and clean as you can. You can use the silicone brush to work to the edge. It will start to foam just try not to disturb the pour. After it is poured I quickly lift the letter keeping it flat and move it to another plastic area. The foam-it pulls away clean from the overage so the letter only has the foam-it on the surface.

Let it cure and watch the word puff-up before your eyes.

Remember you can do layered pieces, and even add more foam-it to keep building if needed.

silicones and waxes can create resists if needed.

Step 5: Sand and Paint

Well now you should have a hard puffy letter. If there are areas that you need to clean you can cut, Dremel , drill and sand if needed. Otherwise the letter usually don't need it. The pieces are ready to paint with acrylic, nail polish, or spray-paint. If using acrylic just seal with a clear coat. Made for indoor or outdoor.

They look really nice decoupaged , glittered or resin coated to. Can be easily screwed together to create extreme dimension the only limit is your imagination.

So come on PUFF-UP your next paper project .

Thank you! The Juliart

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