Introduction: 3D Quilled Rose by Handmade Tools.

When anyone would ask me when I was a kid what my favorite flower was, I’d always say rose. Thankfully it’s really simple to re-create my favorite flower with a strip of paper using other handmade quilling tools.

Today in my first post I am going to show you how to make a 3d quilled rose.

For this you don't need any professional tools at all!! Some of these main quilling tools can be made at home.
So just follow the instructions & give a try!

Step 1: Materials Needed

For this project you will need

  • Paper strips.
    Color of your choice. Here I used 30cm x 0.3 cm normal A4 size red color cutout paper strips to make roses. You can use pink or other color as well.
  • Slotted tool
    You can use the Chenille needle to make a slotted tool or use a slender pointed object to twirl your paper. I used a toothpick at first, but you could also use a hatpin.
  • Mold tool. Instead of mold tool here I used big bead glued with a stick.
  • Glue
  • Scissor to cut out extra strips.

Step 2: Making Tight Coils.

To make tight coils slide the very end of a strip into the slot and start rolling the strip around the needle. After you’ve rolled the paper halfway, add another strip of paper and continue rolling. After you’ve rolled a few more inches of paper, add the third strip of paper. Whether using a slotted tool or needle tool, when the strip is fully rolled, slide it off the tool, and glue the end. Use only a very small amount of glue & hold until the glue is dry. Make three different sizes coils. 5 pieces for biggest size & three pieces for medium size & three small sizes. Size of coils depend on how big flower you want to make.

Step 3: Making Domes.

After creating a tightly closed coil with your quilling tool, you gently place it over the appropriately sized mold or bead and glide the paper downward.Once the dome has been made, you can continue shaping it or apply glue on the inside surface to ensure it keeps its shape.

Step 4: Flower Making.

Start this step adding together the smallest three coils with glue. Now add other three medium dome petal one by one. Use the wider coils at last. You can use a small circle paper in back side to keep the flower safe. It's optional.

Now add leaves or other establishments of your wish.

I hope someone get inspired. :)

Step 5: Ta Da! Your Super Gorgeous 3D Quilled Rose Is Ready!

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