Introduction: 3D RED TRUCK

I made a 3D red truck using connectors that allow the wheels to turn.

Step 1: Wheels

In this step I put four wheels from the connectors and then put rods through them.

Step 2: Starting the Base

In this step I attached a rectangular base to the rods and made the headlights using the cube from basic shapes.

Step 3: Forming the Shape

In this step I start forming the shape of the truck by getting a rectangle and tilting it at an angle. Then I attach it to the top of the headlights and then attach two more tilted rectangles on the side of the first tilted one.

Step 4: Finishing the Shape

In this step I finish the shape of the truck by adding a rectangle to the tips of the two tilted rectangles then one more rectangle attaching the other rectangle to the base of the truck.

Step 5: Making the Trunk

In this step I form the trunk by putting two rectangles on each side of the back and one more connecting the two.

Step 6: the Finishing Touches

In this step I add the finishing touches by getting two chairs from the OMSI hangout space and attach them to the front and make a steering wheel from the torus shape in basic shapes.

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