Introduction: 3D RGB ARDUCLOCK

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Hi Makers,

Hi makers, We see that you like our previous project "ANIMATED RGB WALL CLOCK". Link is here. It was an honor for us. After a long time, we are again with a CLOCK PROJECT.


And now, we offer you our new CLOCK PROJECT. I call his name "3D RGB ARDUCLOCK". Of course, the most important element of our project will be arduino nano and Programmable Individual Addressable LED. And of course 3d printer is very important for us. We designed and produced some of the pieces needed for our “3D RGB ARDUCLOCK” again. You can use this project that you designed as portable or you can present it as a gift to your loved ones.

Step 2: What Are the Features of This Clock?

We have listed the project features below. You can also take a look.

- Show Clock

- Show Temparature

- Show Date

- Set Clock ( if need, updating from your phone)

- Set Date ( if need, updating from your phone)

- Set Alarm ( Ringing with “ GAME OF THRONES “ sound)

- Change Color of All digits

- Change Color of first,second and third digits

- Change Color of Sec Points

- Animation

Step 3: How to Make This Project ?

If you want to make this project, you will see each details on video. And also ı will share step by step project details....

Step 4: What Materials Do You Need ?

If you decided to make this project, you need some materials. You can see materials in pictures. And list below.

- Arduino Nano

- HC06 Bluetooth Module

- DS3231 RTC Module

- RGB Stribe LED

- 3D Printable Parts

Arduino Nano



Bluetooth Module






Step 5: 3D Printable Parts

Firstly, we have print some parts with 3d printer. As you can see in pics, we have some parts. And than we are starting to project...

Step 6: Starting Project

in pictures, we are assembling RGB leds to holes. Btw, in this project we are using Pixels Programmable Individual Addressable LED Strip. You can find first steps details about it.We designed inner leds for each digits part. In picture, you can see.

Step 7:

We put the blue pieces into the white parts. And next step will be electronic assemble...

Step 8: Electronic Circuit

As you can see in pics again, we have an electronic circuit. to circut, we are assembling electronic card and pcb. Our clock will work with 6V battery too. And can work with +5V arduino Vcc.

Step 9: Testing


Step 10: Arduino Codes, Chematic, APK and 3D Files

And finally, We need some codes for project. And If you want to make this " 3D RGB ARDUCLOCK", you need some materials,3D Printer parts files, arduino codes and electronic shematic. You can find all files below links for downloads.

3D Printer files :

Arduino codes :

Arduino libraries :

Electronic shematic :

Android APK :