Introduction: 3D Rose Heart

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 This is a great and beautiful decoration, perfect for adding atmosphere to a room or giving as a present to a loved one. 

Step 1: What You Will Need?

Step 2: Perfect Circle.

Chose were you want to place the centre of the rose to be and draw a circle with a 4cm diameter.

Step 3: Pretty Petals.

Draw tear shape petals curving around the centre circle that get bigger the further away they are from the centre. Leave a 1cm gape between each petal.

Step 4: Clay Shaping.

Take a ball of clay and mould it too one of the petals that you have drawn, round the top of the petal making it smooth. Repeat this with each petal.
Allow the clay to dry.

Step 5: Grap Your Paint Brush, Its Time to Paint.

Whilst the clay is drying, paint the wooden heart leaving the pencil lines visible through the paint.

Step 6: Let’s Stick It All Together.

Once the clay and paint is dry, use the pencil lines to match each petal the to were it belongs. After its all matched up take the glue to stick the clay to the hart. 

Step 7: Rose Red Petals.

Paint the clay petals with the red paint.

Step 8: Tissue Paper.

Rip up your red tissue paper in to smallish pieces. Using the tissue paper stick and cover the whole heart then go over with the final layer of PVA, giving it a glossy shine.
To make the petals stand out more highlight one side of each petal with a thin layer of red paint.

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