Introduction: 3D Santa

I made this 3D Santa using Google Sketchup.

Step 1: Google Sketchup

1) Go to . This clipart is all in the public domain and can be used even for commercial use. Search whatever you want, in this case search "Santa". Search until you find what you like!

2) Save the image as a Small PNG image and open up SketchUp 2014 and go to edit, then import the picture you saved.

3) Trace around the image with the draw tool, select the remainder of the picture and erase it.

4) Import the picture again and now trace around the inside details, the nose, cheeks, mustache, eyes, eyebrows, and brim of the Santa hat.

5) Select the face details now and move it over to the outline of Santa, scale to fit.

6) Push and pull until it is the way you want it!

7) Then export as STL.

Step 2: Print and Paint

I printed the STL file on a Markerbot 5th Generation Replicator using clear PLA filament and used red and silver glitter nail polish to paint the details.

Step 3:

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