Introduction: 3D Sears Tower (Willis Tower)

I will be showing you, step be step, how to make an easy 3d drawing of the Sears Tower (Willis Tower).

Step 1: Units

1. After you open up the program you will be using to draw this (I used AutoCAD 2015) , make sure you put the units to feet.

Step 2: Making the Base

1. Make a 225 foot by 225 foot base.

2. Split it into a 3 by 3 square by making 2 lines 75 feet apart from each other going horizontally and vertically.

Step 3: Starting to Create the Building

1. On the 2 corners opposite of each other, pull the squares up 658 feet.

Step 4: Continuing the Building

1. On the other 2 corners that you have, pull them up 874 feet.

Step 5: Almost Done Making the Building

1. Take 3 of the outer squares and then pull them up 1,186 feet up.

Step 6: Finishing the Building

1. With the last 2 boxes that you have, pull them up 1,451 feet up.

Step 7: Making It Look More Realistic

1. Combine all of the parts together to make it one.

2. I added a different texture in the end to make it easier to see, but I recommend adding a better texture in the beginning of the drawing because it makes it a lot easier to draw the building.

Step 8: Making the Antennas

1. In the middle of each square at the top of the building, make 2 circles with a radius of 12.

2. After you make the circles, pull the circle, that is closer to the outside of the building, to be 279 feet.

3. Take the circle in the middle of the building and pull it up 259 feet.

Step 9: What to Add to Make It Better

CONGRADULATIONS! You have just finished making the Sears Tower (Willis Tower)!

Here are some thing I reccommend adding in to make it look better:

1. Add some windows.

2. Make the antenna look more realistic.

3. Add the lining on the sides of the building.

4. Add what you think would make this building better (Be CREATIVE!).

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