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Hi, my name is Katelynn and I am currently a Junior in a high school. I am enrolled in a STEM Class, called 3D Modeling. Our project is to create a Instructable, and I have decided to create an Ornament.

As stockings are hung, trees are put up, and presents are wrapped, the feel of the Christmas season is in the air. Christmas is the time of family and the joy of giving. What better way to show the season of giving, then giving the White House an ornament that they can treasure and cherish.

Christmas is called the best time of the year by many and celebrated all over the world, including in the White House. Having my ornament hung on the White House's tree would be a huge honor to my country.


If you want to print it at home:

1. 3D Printer- Prices differ depending on what type of 3D Printer you want.

a. Replicator- $2,899

b. Replicator Mini- $1,375

c. Replicator 2X- $2,499 (on sale, original is $2,799)

2. Makerbot download- You can download it from this website, http://www.makerbot.com/desktop. Did I mention, it was FREE!

3. PLA Filament- Prices range from $48-$50. You can check out different prices and colors here. http://store.makerbot.com/filament

If you want your 3D Ornament printed and shipped to you:

1. Check out http://www.shapeways.com/. This is a FREE website to upload your 3D printable things to have shipped to you. If there is a mistake in your model, they will contact you and tell you your options to fix it.

Step 1: Step 1: Creating the Structure

First, to create a snowman to hang on a Christmas Tree, you must create a circle that is ½” diameter. This will be the smallest circle. Then, you create another circle that has a diameter of 1” that overlaps with the ½” circle. This will be the head of the snowman. Thirdly, you must create a 1 ⅝” diameter circle that overlaps with the 1” circle. This will be the biggest circle and the body of the snowman. After you created the body you have to delete lines where it is overlapping at. Doing this will create a snowman body.

Step 2: Step 2: Creating the Hole for the Hook

After that, you need to create a hole at the top of the snowman that is ⅛” diameter. This is important include, because when you will hang this on the Christmas Tree, you’ll need a place to put string or a hook.

Step 3: Step 3: Adding Dimension to the Structure

After creating the hole, you can move on to adding dimension to the body by using the push up tool. The width of the snowman should be a diameter of ⅛”.

In the picture you can see that my eyes have already been added. From doing the project, I found that waiting to add the eyes after adding dimension to the whole structure would be easier than how I originally created it.

Step 4: Step 4: Making the Eyes

Next, the eyes need to be created. I suggest making them 3/16” in diameter. It would be easiest to create one eye, then instead of trying to make another exactly like it, like how I originally tried to attempt this, just highlight the eye by clicking on it twice then use the move tool while holding the control button. This will make a copy of the eye you originally made. You also need to add dimension to the eyes, as well. It would be best to make the eyes 1/16” tall.

Step 5: Step 5: Making the Nose

Next, you should create a circle, that is not on the snowman’s body, yet. This circle needs to be ⅜” in diameter. After, the circle is created you need to add dimension to it. I suggest you make it a diameter of ½”. Afterwards, you need to use the move tool to circle around the top of the cylinder you just created. As you move around the cylinder, look for spaces where the move tool lights up one point, instead of lighting up the circumference of the top. Once you have found a lighten up point, drag the point to the center of the circle to create a cone shape. This will be used for the nose. After you have created the cone shape nose, highlight the cone, by triple clicking, and dragging it onto the body of the snowman.

Step 6: Step 6: Getting It Printed

After this is all completed, you have a 3D Model of a snowman. To get it printed, you can use your own 3D printer, or you can send it to http://www.shapeways.com/.

If you will print it yourself: you will need to purchase a printer and download it http://www.makerbot.com/.

If you already have your 3D printer and the download: you can open up makerbot on your computer and click add file (If it is your first time using makerbot, a tutorial does pop up to add assistance) and find your 3D Model. After you have found it, click on it and open the file. It may ask you if you want to keep the original size or if you want to rescale it. Usually, when this pops up, you will need to rescale it, due to it being too small. You can move your model around with the move tool. If you are finished moving your model around, I would suggest pushing the triangle on the move tool when you hover over it will your mouse and clicking “On Platform.” This just makes sure that your model is on the plate, so it will print properly. After you done with that, click export print file, push export file, then save it. After that you need to drag file to SD card of a USB stick. When you have done this, you can plug the SD card or USB stick into a 3D printer. After my ornament was printed, I ended up painting my ornament to resemble a penguin. You can do the same or paint it to resemble a snowman. It is totally up to you.

Happy Printing, and thank you for taking the time to evaluate my work.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice ornament! Thanks for sharing it with us!