3D Tangram Puzzle

Introduction: 3D Tangram Puzzle

Here's the classic Tangram Puzzle in a 3D form. This Tangram is 2 cm high and 10 cm on the side. It has a nice chunky feel and I can do all the classic Tangram challenges with it, but also make new 3D shapes.

It's a wonderful little building block set as well.

I made it with Zotebook, an iPad app. The Zotebook file can be simply adapted to any height.

While I have included the stl file, making the puzzle from scratch in Zotebook is also a bonus puzzle. Using the geometry based tools in Zotebook, I challenged myself to avoid using numbers to see if I could make the shapes just using the relationships.

Step 1: What You Need:

A 3D printer. I am using a Lulzbot mini.

Here is the stl file for a 2 cm tall Tangram puzzle.

But the real fun is making it in Zotebook, it's a free app on the iTunes store. You need an upgrade to download stl files, so I have included the final product it here.

Find more information about Zotebook at https://zotebook.io

Step 2: Here's How I Design It With Zotebook

I am using Zotebook, an iPad app that turns rough sketches in precise drawings.

I sketch just using my finger, using a few simple gestures.

(for a complete tutorial check out - https://www.instructables.com/id/Learn-Zotebook-Wi...

The gesture tools I am using are:

Right Angle - make an angle tick in the corner of a shape.

Parallel Lines - double ticks near the center of two lines.

Same Angles - make a tick mark in or on the angles.

Same Length - make tick marks on the lines you want the same lengths.

Shape Widget - tap to copy, paste, move, and rotate.

Step 3: Get a Clear Picture of the Relationship of the Shapes

Looking at a Tangam puzzle I can see how the the shapes are related.

I'll make these same relationships in Zotebook.

Step 4: Starting With a Right Angle Triangle

I start with a large right angle isosceles triangle.

I will need three different sized triangles.

I use the Shape Widget tool to copy.

Step 5: All the Triangles Are Related by the Hypotenuse Lengths

I use the Same Length tool to scale them.

Step 6: Making the Square

I make a square just but sketching the rough shape, then I square up the corners.

Again I use the Same Length tool to match the side length.

Step 7: Making the Trapezoid

The sides are the same length as the hypotenuse of the small triangle.

And both sides are parallel. but the angle is the tricky bit.

The acute angles must be 45 degree like the triangle so I use the Same Angle tool.

Step 8: Arranging All the Pieces

I also use the Shape Widget to get the 2 extra triangles I need.

Step 9: Scaling It

I tap the length of the large triangle to scale it.

10 cm

I only need to scale one side, all the other dimensions are set in relationship to the scaled side.

Step 10: Preview 3D Image

I tap the little hammer in the upper right to get a 3D preview.

I can play around with different heights to what looks best.

Step 11: Get the Stl File

I go to Zotebook.io to get the stl file.

I find it under "My Sketches," and select STL, I can also get a laser cut file or a craft cutter SVG file.

Step 12: Print

Step 13: And Here's a Final File If You Want to Try and Print It Like a Cube.

Using the big chunky Tangram pieces is fun.

This file is for a large cube size that I haven't made yet.

Let know if you try it out!

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