3D Transparent Mobile Line

Introduction: 3D Transparent Mobile Line

This instructable is part of the July Instructables Bulid Night with Silhouette at the Taipei Hackerspace

Materials Needed:

- image printed on transparency paper (x8)

- length of wire or string

- clear tape

- Silhouette cutting machine

Step 1: Cut Out Images

Using the Silhouette cutting machine, cut out all 8 circular images.

Make sure the printed side is not face down on the mat or it the ink will stick to it and you won’t have the image on the transparency.

Step 2: Create 3D Balls

From the bottom center of the circle cut along the radius to the center point of one of the circles

From the top center of another circle, cut along the radius to the center point.

Slide the two circles together to create a 3D ball.

Using clear tape, stabilize the tops and bottoms of the 3D balls.

Step 3: Assemble Mobile

Using clear tape, attach the balls to the length of wire.

Tie a circle at the top and hang.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Not everyone has the tech at hand do simply do what you did.
    Pomoting is a good thing in this case but to make a proper Instructable some more details and alternatives would be great.
    For example that you can use a pair of sissors for the cutting or using colored prints.
    Instead of the wire fishing line or thing nylon line would be a much better option, to be fully invisible to the naked eye you could even use kevlar fibers like the mgicians do ;)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, thanks for your feedback. Since this was built as part of the Silhouette + Instructables Build Night, that's why we are showing that. Of course scissors would work too, but the plan was to use the electronic cutter in as many interesting ways as possible.

    Nylon line to hide it certainly works. I personally like to see it hanging, it's more "decorative" than magical. :)