Introduction: 3D Wood T-Rex

Find a animal you would like to make, make sure the animal is from a side view and all the body parts are visible as it will be easier to trace and you won't have to free draw it.

Step 1: First Step ; Outlining and Holes

Scale your animal the right size so u can cut without scaling it again. Outline your animal, but do not add the legs or arms as you will be doing that in a later step. Add holes to the thickness of the wood, I made all my holes the same size as it would be easier further down the road.

Step 2: Second Step ; the Head

after you finish outlining your jaw you can add teeth I would recommend making your teeth as big as possible as it'll look scarier for the T-Rex, if you are doing a different animal you should add the teeth the way u want but be realistic. Make sure that your teeth and jaw are on one piece not separate otherwise it will be cut of when u are cutting the animal out. for the eye just make a cycle the right size and make sure its in the proper place

Step 3: Step3. Body Layers

Add a 3D effect to your animal by adding layers. add the holes so they match up with the holes you already made on your main body .

Step 4: Step4. Legs Arms and Head

Trace the legs, arms and jaw. Add different layers to add that 3D effect and make sure all your pieces have holes and they all line up

Step 5: Step5. Bars

to make all your pieces stay together you'll need bars to go make your bars the right length you need to measure how thick you wood is and times that by how ever many layers you have for each hole. P.S. add a bit extra room if you are going to glue them together as the glue will add thickness.

Step 6: Step 6. Cut Block

double every piece except the bars and the first body piece. organize all your pieces on top the size of wood you are going to use and make sure there are no over lines.

Step 7:

Here is the file if you would like to just copy mine but I would recommend making your own and adding different features.