Introduction: 3D Wrenches for WaterWorks Game

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My family has a beloved game called Waterworks, which originally came with a set of small metal wrenches. They all were eventually lost, so for years we've had to make do with sad little pennies.

Now joy has been restored, thanks to the magic of 3-D printing!


3D printer

PLA filament

Internet access

Step 1:

My starting point was Thingiverse, where I found a nicely detailed pipe wrench about 250mm long. It was way too big for my purposes, so I uploaded the file to an easy-to-use online program called TinkerCAD to make changes.

Step 2:

Working in TinkerCAD, I scaled down the wrench while maintaining the proportions to keep it looking right. In the initial test on my 3D printer, I found that details on the back of the wrench made it difficult to print out cleanly. After flattening out the back in TinkerCAD, I reprinted wrenches at 45mm and 56mm. I decided that the 45mm wrench was my favorite: large enough to show some detail and not get lost easily, but not too big for the set of them to fit in the game box.

Step 3:

Checking out the Waterworks game online, I found that the set comes with ten wrenches, but given my family's track record I decided to make twelve. I printed them out in bronze-colored PLA, a plant-based plastic that doesn't give off nasty fumes when 3D printing.

Step 4:

To complete the set, I hand-sewed a pouch to keep the wrenches together. Sure, I could have gotten a set of replacement wrenches on eBay for three bucks, but where's the fun in that?

You can also find my files on Thingiverse:

Thanks for reading my very first Instructable.

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