Introduction: 3D Zoetrope

3D Zoetrope

A 3D Zoetrope that makes static 3D sculptures appear to move and come to life explaining the basic concept and principles of animation. Using strobe LED lights and 18 characters, each in a different pose, on a rotating platform. The 3D Zoetrope recreates the effect of looking through slits of the original zoetropes.


Main PCB is Attiny45 and MOSFET.
Two LED boards with eight bright LEDs for strobing
Hall effect switch board mounted under the board with magnets
Spindle Speed Control voltage divider board to control spindle speed.
Spindle on motor salvaged from a SONY turntable
Platter with eighteen magnets placed equally round perimeter.
Mounting platform for mounting spindle and motor, platter, and all the circuit boards.
Eighteen 3D printed and / or cast characters.