Introduction: 3D Cardstock Printing Without Printer

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Can we print a 3D object with no 2D or 3D printer at all ? With no third party online service ?

Cheap ? And time consuming like if you build it from scratch ?

Maybe we can try at least :) Here is a solution for you ;)

We will need :

1. An internet connection with a computer or tablet

2. Slic3r software program

3. Cardstock like cereals box about 400 microns thick

4. A paper pencil

5. A paper sheet Glue

6. A lot of time :)

That is all folks ! Let's print something :)

Step 1: Download Your 3D Model

Modeling a 3D model is possible but not always really easy. Here we are going to use an online 3D object head

Step 2: Reduce and Slice Your 3D Model

Here you will need the software program Slic3r, to reduce and slice your 3D model.

To reduce :

  • Press Add select head_with_eyes_rectificada.stl
  • Then Object - Scale - Uniformly and 50 percent
  • File save head_with_eyes_rectificada_50percent.stl

To slice :

  • In Printer Settings - Nozzle diameter : 0.5
  • Then File Slice To svg
  • Choose head_with_eyes_rectificada_50percent.stl
  • Then head_with_eyes_rectificada_50percent.svg

Step 3: Copy and Cut Each Slide

  • Drag and drop head_with_eyes_rectificada_50percent.svg
  • Copy each slice by transparacy with a pencil on a paper sheet
  • Then glue the paper sheet on the cardstock
  • Cut each slide following the pencil lines

Step 4: Glue Each Slide From Up to Down

  • Here is the low tech 3D printer : a box of cereales ;)
  • On the left corner is two slides one with six previous slides and the last one
  • So then you add an other slide at the bottom
  • You adjust on the corner the previous slide and the new one
  • Glue the both together
  • Then take the upper slide off
  • And again with the next slide
  • Go Go Go

Step 5: Admire Your Artwork :) or Not ;)

This is the end my friend :)

You can practice more with that better explanation than mine :)

Thank you for your time :)