3D Print From Maya

Introduction: 3D Print From Maya

This is a quick how-to on how to export a file from Maya for 3D printing at TechShop

Step 1: From Maya to Mudbox

When finished modeling in Maya, be sure to optimize your mesh before sending out to Mudbox or you will get a tessellated model similar to the one I have created for this demo purpose. 

Step 2: In Mudbox

Upon opening in Mudbox (automatic) you will have to select the object that you wish to 3D print. I do this by going to the selection tab on the bottom of the screen and then choosing object. Now choose your object. Then on the top menu choose "File->Export Selection." The next step is to use the drop down menu in the export selection dialogue box to choose .obj. 

Step 3: Open in Maker Ware

This is the easy part, add the object to the bed in Maker Ware. The object might be very small coming in so you may have to scale it up  a bit and rotate. 

Good luck! 

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