Introduction: 3D Printable Satellite Charger

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This instructable shows how I design this 3D printable Satellite Lamp Charger with 123D Design. Below you can see how I made it.
After you have printed this project, you will need additional materials to complete it. You'll see the additional materials in next steps.
The image above shows you how will it look completed.

Features of Satellite Charger

Smart Tracking - The satellite charger uses a sun tracking system that provides maximum sunlight.
Smart Charging - You can see on the "satellite" when your device is charging
Night Charging - You can charge your device at night because the "satellite" has a Li-ion battery
Smart Lamp - When night come, the LEDs located on the bottom of the "satellite" turn on, when day come, they turn off, or you can just turn it on or off
Everyday Use - You can use it everywhere, no matter if you're home or you're camping
Eco-friendly - It uses efficient LEDs and motors for sun tracking 

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Step 1: Make the Case

Above you can see how I made the case of the Satellite Charger. 
First I made a hexagon, then I made a chamber inside it.
After that, I made some holes for LEDs so you can use the charger as a lamp too.

Step 2: Make the Top of the Case

This part contains the USB female jacks used for charging your smartphone.
When you connect the USB male jack, the 3mm LED is on. When you remove the jack, the LED will go off.
It covers the batteries which supplies the LEDs, the motors and the USB jacks.

Step 3: Make the Finals Cover Retouches

I made two holes for the support of the solar panels and four holes for the 3mm LEDs.
Then I made a piece that allows the satellite charger to be fixed on the ground while the sun is shining on the sky.
I made too a stick for fixing the satellite charger on the ground.
Below you can see a list with the additional materials needed:
- 2 solar panels
- 2 little step-by-step motors
- 25 white LEDs
- 4 red 3mm LEDs
- 2-4 lithium ion batteries
- a little microcontroller

Step 4: Make the Solar Panels Supports

You can modify them for what solar panels do you have.

Step 5: That's It

I hope that you've enjoyed this project.
Have a nice day.

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