Introduction: 3D-printable Coffee Table (coaster)

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This miniature model of a coffee table is made to be used in dollhouses or as a unique coffee cup coaster for your desktop.

The tabletop, frame and legs are designed to be 3D-printed and assembled with glue-less snap-fit joints.

Step 1: Download the 3D-files and 3D-print Them

  1. Download the STL files in this step.
  2. You can use the complete flattened 3D-print plate, the individual parts or the fully assembled table

Step 2: Insert the Legs in the Table Top

  1. Make sure the holes of the table top are clean from any loose plastic.
  2. If necessary use a file or sand paper to chamfer the upper end of each table leg
  3. Insert the four legs until they reach the bottom of the hole

Step 3: Attach the Frame

  1. Turn the frame so that its largest flat surface points to the bottom of the tabletop
  2. Slide it over the legs
  3. Continue to slide it until it touches the tabletop
  4. Press firmly!

Step 4: Use Your Coffee Table!

You can use the coffee table as follows:

  1. Furnish a dollhouse and make a child (or adult) happy! :)
  2. Use it as a coaster to avoid coffee stains on your desk.


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