Introduction: 3D-printed Chess Piece (Pawn)

For a project at school I had to design a chess piece that represented me. And print it out with a 3D-printer.

Step 1: Mindmapping

I had to make a mindmap with all the things that represented me.
Once that was done I had to extract 5 keywords that I wanted to use to create my chess piece.
The words I choose are:
1. My study: Fysiotherapie.
2. My work: Pizza.
3. My work: Volunteer for the 'Hedgehog shelter'.
4. Music.
5. My dog: Eddie (his dog bed).

Step 2: Sketching

Once extracted the 5 keywords from my mindmap I started sketching.
I choose the pawn as a chess piece so I had to make it look like a pawn (I used the picture above to make sure my sketch would look like a pawn). The measurements for the pawn had to be 3x3x5 cm. 
I had to make sure the chess piece would be suitable for the 3D-printer so when I finished my sketch I sent it to my teacher and she told me that a few angles needed to be changed otherwise the 3D-printer wouldn't be able to print my chess piece without support material.

Step 3: Sketch Up

Now it was time to make my design in Sketch Up so it would be suitable for the 3D-printer to print. It took me a while because I was having trouble with the shapes especially from the hedgehog (on top) and the music notes. But when it was all ready I was happy with my design. In the next class it was time to print it out!

Step 4: Printing!

Now it was time to print out my chess piece with the 3D-printer.
The printer print out a design layer for layer and it took about 45 minutes to print out my chess piece.

Step 5: The Final Result

Here are a few pictures of the final result of my chess piece.
There are some holes in my chess piece what happened during printing. I think some shapes (the words and the music notes) were to small or difficult for the 3D-printer or the layers were to thick.