3D-printed Desk Set



Introduction: 3D-printed Desk Set

In this instructable, I will show how to make a great desk set on your own. You need a 3D-printer for printing some parts.


1. Materials

· contact adhesive

· flexible felt (thickness: 3 mm or thicker, color: grass green or another color of choice)

· panel of birch plywood (thickness: 5 mm, dimensions: minimum size 300 mm x 205 mm)

· PLA-filament

2. Tools

· ballpoint

· utility knife

· triangular protractor or set square

· metal rule (minimum length 30 cm)

· jigsaw tool or tenon saw

· 3D-printer

Step 1: Tracing the Shape

Trace the shape on the felt using a ballpoint. Therefor, use a triangular protractor or set square and a metal rule. The dimensions and the shape are shown.

Step 2: Cutting Out

Cut out the six squares.

Please note not to carve the exterior line!

Step 3: Removal of the Six Squares

Remove the six squares out of the felt.

Step 4: Tracing the Shape of Step 1

Trace the same shape as shown in step 1 on the birch plywood panel using a ballpoint.

Step 5: Cutting Out

Cut the rectangular shape (exterior line of the whole shape as shown in step 1) out of the birch plywood panel.

Step 6: Putting Glue

Put glue between the lines on the birch plywood panel. Do not put glue into the squares!

Step 7: Putting Glue Again

Do the same as step 6, but this time on the felt instead of the birch plywood. The picture will make it clear. Wait now 15 minutes, afterwards you can continue proceeding the next steps.

Step 8: Putting the Plywood Panel on the Felt

Put the cut out birch plywood panel on the felt. Make sure the birch plywood panel is placed into the exterior line on the felt. Press the birch plywood panel hard onto the felt during three seconds.

Step 9: Cutting Out

Cut out all the unnecessary felt in order to align the birch plywood panel with the felted frame.

Step 10: Removal of the Unnecessary Felt

Remove the unnecessary felt.

Step 11: 3D-printing and Arranging

3D-print the parts (included in the enclosure below). Put them afterwards in the provided cavities. Arrange the desk set as desired and enjoy!

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