Introduction: 3D Printed Bike Light Without Battery

Hi everyone,

My name is Alex and this is my first instructable topic.

So first of all if you have any suggestion I'm more than open to upgrade my presentation.

Here is how I found to make an induction bicycle light ( batteryless and friction less) using a 3D printer and for less than 20$.

My aim is to make affordable this technology everywhere in the world using the 3D printing.

All the STL should be loaded on instructables and thingiverse. If not do not hesitate to remind me to do it !

Actually it might be design to fit perfectly with city bicycle but mountain bike design version is coming !

So...Let's go !

Step 1: What You Will Need

So what you will need here is :

A micro generator you could find on eBay here :

The 3D printed parts here :

2 LEDs : I used a 15 000 mcd red :

4-40 bolts and screws

Some glue ( hope it won't be needed in feature version)

Old bicycle tubes or any rubber

One tic tac box

And scissors

Step 2: Be Sure It Will Let You Bike Safe

First of all,

Cut some rubber as a small tube an cut it again to make two half pipes.

Glue them to the inner part of the bike light box.

It will permit to let the bike safe and to be that it's stuck enough when you will have screw it.

Step 3: Let Drop the Bolts !

Let drop the bolts in the holes made for that.

And screw the 4-40 screw in the holes as the pictures show it.

It's normally done so that it will place by itself perfectly when you will screw and disappear so that from outside you won't see anything.

Step 4: Step 4 : Place the Generator

Take the microgenerator and place it as it's made for.

Normally you can only put it in one sense.

Step 5: Step 5 : Screw the Head

Screw the head of the light as shown in the pictures.

The trick is to take a long screw you screw so that the bolt will be stuck in its place and after unscrewing the long screw take a small one so that you won't see it by the outside once in place.

Nex kit would be one piece so don'y worry if it's obsolete.

Step 6: Step 6 : Plug the Wires and Hide Them

So plug the connector to the hole drwan on the light box.

Then plug the LEDs before it's to late !

And hide the wires using th top designed for.

Then put the top on the general box as shown in the pictures.

Step 7: Step 7 : Magic Tic Tac Box

There it is.... The tic tac booooox !!

Take a tic tac box and empty it :) ( you can also eat all what is inside, often people use to do that)

Take the tic tac box and cut it so that it will just perfectly fit at the height you want.

Step 8: Step 8 : Make Your Magnet Supports

Glue some magnets to the supports and a line of rubber as shown.

It's very useful to keep the magnet stuck to the wheel without using metal.

Actually it works very well even in holes, speed etc....

Step 9: Install on Your Bike

Screw the screw and adjust the magnet so it will passes just in front of the generator.

Step 10: Enjoy :)

There it is !

You've got it !

You can ride safe during the night and offer some to the roomates as did for this tutorial :).

( I hope she will like it !)

Do not hesitate to donate at onebikeonelight at

It will really help me in my project !

Hope to read you soon "


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