3D Printed Survival Utility Knife




Introduction: 3D Printed Survival Utility Knife

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Eat your heart out Bear Grills!

Features include:

  • standard utility knife blades (with 3 spares stored in handle) paracord wrapping on handle
  • Handle slotted to fit to a Mini-Bic lighter
  • Neck sheath w/ lanyard
  • Vitamin list:
    • a little sheet metal screw to secure the blade retainer
    • 4 utility blades
    • 3 feet of paracord or similar
    • mini-bic lighter
  • If you want to remix this project, I suggest finding a way to integrate a whistle and/or compass into the sheath.

Step 1: What You Need

  • 3d printer
  • mini bic lighter
  • 4 utility knife blades
  • 8' of parachute cord
  • a little screw

Step 2: How to Make It

Download it HERE

Print it.

Trim off the round feet: I added little rounded foot-pads to the print file, so that it would stick nicely to the print platform.

Fit a blade into the slot and press the blade retainer into place. Secure it with a little sheet metal screw, using the back of a spare blade to twist the screw into place.

Fit the lighter and spare blades into their places in the handle.

Wrap the handle with 12" of electrical or duct tape (handy stuff!)

Wrap the handle with 3 feet of parachute cord and tuck the ends in.

Test fit the neck sheath and add a parachute cord necklace. (I like to use a bit of tape to but-join a neck cord. You want it just strong enough to use, but weak enough to break away if it's really snagged on something)

Use your new knife to trim the snap-on retention tabs of the neck sheath to fine-tune the fit.

Step 3:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! I larger blade would be more desirable, but this is a great back up knife to a lager survival blade. I like the cord and lighter incorporated into the grip.

    One suggestion I would make is that you substitute the paracord for firecord. Firecord is like paracord, but has a colored inner strand that can be used for tinder.



    7 years ago

    My only suggestion would be substituting a fire steel instead of a lighter as striking a lighter when cold is quite difficult. Other than that, great instructable:)


    Reply 7 years ago

    true but thats just for flame the military uses just the bic striker part making a full lighter a reduncy in one both a lighter and a flint striker i would add a button compass on the sheath though and if there was a flint striker instead of a bic you could add an led with a button cell battery but anything more would be just making something different i will be making this with the new 3d printer though thank you so much!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not trying to bash your ideas. But, The one thing about lighters is they have fire steel in them. You can have a dead lighter(no gas) and still start a fire. Plus it takes less energy to flick a lighter then use two hands to striking firesteel.


    7 years ago

    For all those times u have to survive... And u have a 3D printer all at your disposal. (Not hating, this is cool bro! :)


    7 years ago

    Awesome design! thanks sharing and uploading :)