Introduction: 3D Printed Mini Jack O’Lantern Planter

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If you’re hosting a halloween party at home and are looking for something small, to cover spots/areas at home that do not have anything halloween'ene like your rest room, study table etc, this “3D printed mini Jack O’Lantern planter” may come handy.

This is a great idea for your office area to keep up the halloween sprit at work, without distracting your colleagues who sit around you,or getting one of those emails from your HR(Human Resource) manager..

For this project you can download the STL file attached in step 2, and 3D print the file. Use some clay/black plastic that you can super glue to cover up the eyes and mouth of the Jack O’Lantern . Once done you can either buy a desert plant or get a small plant from your garden that does not need regular watering , a suggestion here is to use a cacti ..

Step 1: Things You’ll Need

3D printer to print the Jack O’Lantern planter, if you don't have one download the STL file and find the nearest maker space near you which should have a printer.

3D Filament – I am using HatchBox Orange 1.75 mm PLA

Double sided foam tape

Plant – preferably a Cacti

Screw driver /gardening hand fork

Gardening gloves

Straw for watering the plant

Step 2: 3D Print Jack O’Lantern

Using STl file attached and the filament color of your choice , 3D print the Jack O’Lantern

I am using an Orange filament and Printrbot simple metal ,and it took me about 35 mins to complete the print.

Tip: If you observe some warping on your print, use sand paper for a cleaner finish

Step 3: Add Clay

Spread the clay with your hand on the table or on the palm of your hand

Now add clay inside the 3D printed enclosure to cover the eyes and mouth.

Step 4: Stick Double Sided Foam Tape

Stick double sided foam mounting tape to the back side of your 3D printed enclosure

Here ensure that maximum flat surface area is covered with foam tape as shown in the picture.

Tip :You can also use magnets which you can super glue to the back , if you know that you are going to place the Mini Jack O’Lantern Planter against something metallic

Step 5: Insert Plant in the 3D Printed Part

Using a trowel or gardening fork get the plant out of the pot/gardern. In my case i bought a Cacti plant for a couple of dollars from a super store and used a screw driver to get the soil loose around the plant.

Tip: Safety first, use a gardening gloves to handle Cacti

Step 6: Watering the Plant

If you are using a desert plant , you will not need to water the plant very often, but if you plan to water your cacti say once in 25 days use a straw to add few drops of water.

Note : the 3D printed part has a hole at the bottom so that the access water will drain out..

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