Introduction: 3D Printed Pump

I designed a pump prototype using a spatial cam and a piston. After designing process, I printed the pump on a 3D printer, I cleaned it from support material, I made the valves, and now the pump is ready for action.
When the crank is rotating, the rotation is transformed in translation movement by the spatial cam (the brown part).
A short movie with this pump is shown on:

Step 1: Printing Process

Printing process: The pump was positioned on the 3D printing machine and it was built. I used a polymer jet machine. This machine uses two materials: one is used for part building and the other is used for support and it must be removed after printing. I chose to build all the assembly in one piece, except the covers, in order to clean the support material.

Step 2: Cleaning Process

The support material is removed by hand and by waterjet.

Step 3: Valve Assembly

I used drilled screws, springs and balls for valves construction, because it was impossible to obtain them by 3D printing.

Step 4: The Pump in Action

Turning the crank, I blow up a balloon. In the next stage, the crank will be replaced with a motor.

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