3D Printed Wrist Watch (which Almost Works)

Introduction: 3D Printed Wrist Watch (which Almost Works)

Here's a short instructable on how I made my 3D printed wristwatch.

First off this instructable does require an analogue watch movement, I wish it was possible to print at a resolution which would allow awesome clock mechanisms such as this one to be printed at wrist watch size, but sadly it isn't.

Secondly this instructable requires the use of a 3D printer which prints with soluble support material. I wanted as much of the watch as possible to be 3D printed (even the strap) and there's no getting around the fact that support material is needed to print the watch links. Also if the support material used is not soluble you will have a very difficult time removing it!

And finally, and probably the biggest caveat, I need help finishing this instructable! I'm no watch maker and I've found fitting the watch hands to the analogue movement very difficult / impossible. If another instructables user can help me out here with some guidance on this then I'll update the instructable. For now though this is nothing more than a (semi) useless piece of wrist jewellery.

If you're still here, read on!

Step 1: Parts and Tools

As well as access to a suitable 3D printer (we'll talk about that in the next step) you will also need the following

  • Qty 4 M2 x14mm cap head bolts
  • Qty 4 M2 half nuts
  • 27.8mm Domed acrylic watch glass
  • Miyota 2035 analogue watch movement and hands

I tried to make the watch glass and movement as common/easy to find as possible, however they are still pretty specialist items - so remember ebay is your friend.

In addition to this you will also need the following tool

  • 1.5mm allen key

Step 2: Get the .stl Files and Print You Parts

The 3D printer files (.stl) format are provided below. There are only three parts to print but the strap component is quite large. You will need one print of each part, namely:

  • watch_face.stl
  • watch_front.stl
  • watch_body_and_strap.stl

Print your files and wash away all of your soluble support material. If possible try an print the parts in different colours for some contrast.

As a reference my parts were printed with a 0.254mm layer thickness.

Step 3: Assemble Watch Movement and Hands

  1. First lay your watch body and strap component flat on the table
  2. Place you watch movement in the recess with the central post facing up
  3. Place the watch face over the top of the watch movement
  4. Carefully push the watch hands onto the central post

Step four is where I really need some help. I may have to increase the recess around the central post in order to fit the hands, but quite frankly I'm lost.

Step 4: Fit Watch Glass to Front Cover

Once the hand fitting issue has been rectified, the rest of the build is pretty simple.

  1. Push the domed watch glass into the front cover so that the convex side faces toward the outside of the watch. Don't worry this step is pretty obvious when you have the parts in your hands.

Step 5: Fit Watch Front to the Body

  1. Place the watch front and glass assembly on top of the watch face.
  2. Push the four m2 bolts into the holes in each corner of the body.
  3. Place the M2 half nuts into the recesses on the back of the watch.
  4. Tighten the bolts into the nuts.

That's it. Your'e done!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I really like the shape of the face plate on the watch.

    Very pretty.