3D Sign/ornament

Introduction: 3D Sign/ornament

This was made on TinkerCAD and published on Thingiverser: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:460258

It is a great example of how you can make a fun sign or message to hang on your tree or above your doorway.

Step 1: Beginning

The chains .stl is available on the thingiverse page

For the sign:

-Flatten any shape you want to sign width (I chose rectangle)

Step 2: Words/ Message

-Use the text generator or individual letters to spell out your message. Make sure the text is thick enough to go through the entire sign and the "hole" option is chosen for the carved out portion. "Group" text to sign once complete.

-Next, add another text that is solid to give the "3D" effect such as with my sign.

Step 3: Final

-Add two holes for the chain to attach to.

-Thats it! Download .stl file for sign and chains and print.

-During print, For my sign, I changed the filament color at 90% complete to have only the "3D" part a different color.

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