Introduction: 3Doodled Dream Catcher

How to 3Doodler a dream catcher

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Plastic filament

Step 2: Design

First I made a circle design by tracing a cup. Then I covered it with tape so the plastic won't stick.

Step 3: Doodle

I made the outside circle first in one color then I filled in the all the other lines with different colors.

Step 4: Feathers

I made the flowers by doodling over a feather picture and mushing the filament together to get that feather-y look.

Step 5: Attachments

I made thick plastic pieces to be the string holding the feather to the dream catcher. I decorated the string with thick blobs of filament to look like beads.

Step 6: Put Together

I used different color filament to attach the "string" and feathers to the dream catcher. I made a loop at the top of for hanging.

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