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Introduction: 3Doodled Sun Catcher

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Super easy and fun to make sun catcher with 3Doodler and transparent filament. Great little decoration to add to your window.

Step 1: BoM


Transparent filament

Design template



Window suction cup

Step 2: Outline

Cover your template with tape and then begin outing the image in a darker color than you plan to use.

Step 3: Color

I used orange to outline the sun and colored in the spots I wanted orange, the rest was colored in yellow. Later I added pink to fill in some of the holes in the sun. The moon is colored in blue and clear.

Step 4: Add a Loop

I used the last color I worked with to create a loop at the top of the sun catcher so that it can be hung on a suction cup or string.

Step 5: Done

Hang up in a window that gets lots of sunlight.

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    3 years ago

    Fabulous pictures, great color representation.. A neat ible.. Voted for you..