Introduction: 3LED Playstation Memory Card Light

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In this (my first!) instructable, I will demonstrate how to transform a Playstation memory card into a 3 LED magnetic keychain flashlight . 4Give the poor imagery, sorry camera and bad lighting. Will update ASAP

Step 1: Item List

Playstation or PS2 memory card

x3 LEDs w Long leads

x2 wafer thin batteries, I used 3v cr2016 lithium cells

hot glue

Key ring (optional)

Rare earth magnet fragment from a broken HDD

Small phillips precision screwdriver

Needle nose pliers

Soldering iron or (nail, pliers and torch, or lighter)

Step 2: Disassembly

Using the precision phillips, remove the 2 screws holding the two sections of the memory card together.

Remove and discard/save the memory chip.

Using a soldering iron, or hot nail, melt a channel for the LED leads to pass thru the dividers of the Memory card connector ports.

Sorry, I uploaded the images randomly this step, couldn't get the drag to work to correct the order. Also having trouble adding image notes, any tips?

Step 3: Install the LEDs

To DETERMINE POLARITY, I push the leads into a 2.4v battery pack, then using a RED Sharpie, I color the POSITIVE+ lead red, and with a black sharpie, I color the NEGATIVE- lead BLACK. Never have to check it again.

Place the LEDs in the melted channels created in the previous step.

Make sure the negative- leads are flat against the bottom of the card, and the positive+ leads are bent UP away from the bottom.

Secure with a drop of hot glue on each + lead. Only a bit, dont cover too much of the lead or the possible battery contact surface will decrease, preventing ignition.

Hot glue the light "bulb" part of the LEDs into the port of the memory card. I centered the middle one, and angled the two outside lights to focus outward, giving a wider FOV.

Step 4: Insert Batteries

I used x2 cr2016 lithium batteries, @ 3v each to power the LEDs
Slide both batteries in between the x3 + leads, and the x3 - leads of the LEDs

Now, using the needle nose pliers, bend the neg- leads up away from the batteries, then straighten them out a little, parrallel to the + of the battery. Goal is to not let them touch the + of the battery until you squeeze the assembled case, may take some wiggling, and reassembling it a few times to get it positioned properly.

Remember, Neg- faces down, Pos+ faces up with the battery installation

Step 5: HOT GLUE!

Squeeze some hot glue around the LED side of the batteries, to hold them in position, then when the glue cools, remove the batteries, hopefully creating a bit of a battery holder.
Reinstalling the batteries and adding a drop or two of glue on the opposite end of the batteries makes it more secure.

Find a suitable space to hot glue the hard drive magnet fragment, and glue away! Plan out its positon though, you dont want it to interfere with closing the case, or touching the led leads or the batteries. Test fit, then glue away.

If you've broken a hard drive magnet or two, keep the pieces, no matter how small! These little magnets pack a wallop of magnetic power! Use them to hold scissors to a fridge, a knife to a tool box, attatch a small fragment to a screwdriver to make it magnetic, many uses for these magnets.

Step 6: And Then There Was LIGHT!

Carefully repositon the 2 halves of the memory card together, you may have to trim off some extra hot glue here and there, use patience and an xacto, please try not to slice yourself.

Put the tiny screws back in the back of the case, squeeze, and BAM! It lights up brilliantly!

I used a hot nail and pierced a hole thru the bottom corner of the memory card to place a wire pinch ring and keyring.

Hang it by the ring, hold it by the ring, or place it on a metal surface, utilizing the awesome force of magnetism!

Alternately, you can make it hands-free with one of those black mouse trap looking paper-clips to push it on, and keep the light on for extended periods, plus, the folding arms on these clips make a great stand for the light. There is no need for a heat sink, since this squeeze type lamp is normally on for moments.