Introduction: 3R: Toy Decoration Box and Photo Frame

I'm making a toy decoration box for my big snoopy because it has been in the drawer for quite some times and it creates dust. I'm not working so i cant afford to buy beautiful boxes to store it. So, this idea came to my mind by turning a recycle box as the toy decoration box and the left over from the box as photo frame to be placed on my wall

Step 1: 3R Box Step 1: Preparation

the items is as is below:

1.a box that is able to fit my Snoopy toys

2.double sided tape



5.a hand cutter

6.white tape/loytape

I personally like the box color so i did not repaint it and please be careful while using the hand cutter else you will paint the box with your blood which is eww..

Step 2: 3R Box Step 2: Measure and Cutting the Box

Use your 12 inch ruler as a fast measurement and draw it to four corners.

then cut it with hand cutter with accordance to the measurement that had been drawn to the box.

in my case, i want the top and the front side to be seen and so i cut only 2 sides.

Note: Do not throw the leftovers.

Step 3: 3R Box Step3: Paste With Double Sided Tape

use the double sided tape and paste it on the A4 size plastic. Continue to paste it around the four corners.

Remove the other side of the double side, then paste it on the top side and also front side.

Paste ad press it properly so that it would not come out and the dust would not go in.

Step 4: 3R Box Step 4: Finishing

Put the toys in the box and seal it with transparent tape/ loytape.

and Taa Daa.. The whole process takes 30minutes. You may finished it faster.

Now we will continue to the left over from the box to make photo frame

Step 5: 3R Photo Frame Step 1: Preparation

Things that you need

1.the two left over cut box


3.tact it removable adhesive



6.hand cutter

Step 6: 3R Photo Frame Step 2: Measure and Cutting

Use either one board as the base and take a standard size picture as fast measurement.

Use another board as front cover for your picture. Use pencil to draw the measurement that you wanted to cut.

Cut the front cover board slightly smaller than the picture size.

Step 7: 3R Photo Frame Step 3: Paste With Double Sided Tape

Turn the front cover board and paste double sided tape on one of the side. If you are right handed, paste it on the left,

if you are left handed, paste it on the right. My case i paste it on the left side.

Then get a small transparent plastic paper and cut into the front cover board size, which is slightly bigger than the cut hole. Paste the double sided tape around plastic and continue to paste it on the back of the front cover board.

Use tack it removable adhesive to paste on the right side, on the top only. then paste on the base board.

Well straight is too common so i make it tilt a little bit to look fancy.

Step 8: 3R Photo Frame Step 4: Finishing

Slowly slide your picture inside the photo frame. Then place the extra decoration on the top of the photo frame.

You may add words, cartoon, drawings on the board. Place tack it removable adhesive the 4 corner back of the photo frame and there you go, my wall photo frame.

So, reduce, reuse, recycle. Hope you enjoy it.

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