Introduction: 3d Painting Using Cardboard

Hi All,

In this instructable, I will share how I made this 3D painting of a Lighthouse using cardboard.

Now such paintings are really popular these days, which are made out of wood. To build a this in wood, means investment in a scroll saw, which I do not have.

So I used cardboard from old shoe box to make one. This takes about 3 hrs to make, based on how detailed you wanted it to be.

Step 1: What Do We Need?


  • 4"x 6" Wooden Photo frame : You could use an old or buy a new one
  • Shoe Box cardboard : it is thin and very strong
  • PVA Glue or Fevicol
  • Cutter / Scissors
  • Acrylic Paints and brushes

Step 2: Draw Your Landscape

  • So before we begin, based on the frame size, we need to draw the landscape we want to make
  • Take note on the frame edges where the picture will not be visible
  • Our main object should not hide at the edges
  • The main purpose of this is to visualize and adjust anything before we start

Step 3: Cut Them Out

  • Draw just one layer at a time and cut it
  • Place the next layer under this layer and draw an outline
  • Now draw the next layer outline, that falls within the previous layer's outline
  • Continue till we have all layer and our main object : the lighthouse
  • Once every thing is cut, place all layers in sequence as shown
  • If you not happy with any layer, please adjust them

Step 4: Paint Them

  • Since my inspiration was from a wooden 3d Painting with different types of wood
  • I used different brown shaded to paint the layers
  • Added extra layers for door and windows
  • I did not paint the areas that will be covered by the next layer
  • Let all dry for 30 Minutes

Step 5: Assembly

  • Start with the bottom layer and glue the next layer
  • One by one stick them all
  • You may have to adjust the top 3 / 4 layers to make the main object distinctive
  • Now the painting on a wall or place it on your desk and admire


  • One can protect the painting using clear coat or varnish spray
  • Or cover the frame with a thin transparent PVC sheet
  • Add more details like birds etc