Introduction: 3d Printable Multi Tool

This is a 3d printed multi tool. Not only does this include wrenches and a ruler it includes a retractable knife, a USB drive, and possible a thermometer. I use this almost everyday, whenever I open a box, need to cut something, or need to tighten so screws.

Step 1: Supplies

What will you need?

Step 2: Download the STL Files

Where to download the STL files?

  • You can access the STL files on Thingiverse or click the attached STL file.
  • Thingiverse
    • Click this link and it should bring you to the correct page
    • It should bring you to a page with the title multi-tool
    • Download the "Thing File"
    • Then upload it to you slicer and use the instructed settings
  • Attached STL file
    • Click the download button on the STL file below
    • Then click this link to see the print settings
    • Upload the file to your slicer and insert the print settings.
  • Proceed to the next step

Step 3: How to Print the Parts?

Printing the Parts

  • Download the STL files like in the previous step
  • Set up the proper setting
  • You can find them at this link
  • Make sure you have a properly calibrated print bed
  • You also need very good bed adhesion
  • If you want it to also be a thermometer, use thermo-sensitive filament
  • Once it is printed, remove it carefully from the bed
  • You can then sand it as you wish

Step 4: How to Add the Box Cutter Blade?

Adding the box cutter blade

  • You need to be very careful
  • Slide the blade in where it would come out without cutting yourself
  • It will get caught when you get to the first notch
  • Pull up the locking mechanism and continue sliding
  • Slide until the blade is fully covered and locked in
  • BE CAREFUL it is a sharp knife, use at your own risk

Step 5: How to Insert the USB Component?

Inserting the USB Component

  • Sand off the outside of plastic
  • Make it as smooth as possible
  • Put a drop of glue on the back edge of it
  • Slide it through
  • let it sit and dry

Step 6: What You Should Do Next?

Doing next

  • Show your friend, please direct them to this page
  • Also please post your make on the Thingiverse website
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments

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