Introduction: 3d Printable Sanitizer Dispenser

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This is my 1st Participation in this Contest. This is 3D Printable Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser. I Used Tinkercad for this Project. If we Compare Metal Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser with 3D Printable Foot Operated Sanitizer Dispenser {Plastic}, 3D printable Sanitizer Dispenser is cheaper and Recyclable. By Printing this by using PLA Filament we can reuse waste plastic so that we can control plastic pollution. And now a days we have to think alternative for all, because of lack of minerals in our planet Earth. So by making this we can conserve iron and steel, So that We can use that Iron And steel for further creations. This Project increases Thinking capacity of students so that we can think and innovate new alternatives and new innovations..

Step 1: Making Outer Portion of Dispenser

In Tinkercad Create New Project. This is the 1st Part of Dispenser. Select solid Cube for bottom base and another Solid Cube for Stick type structure of Dispenser.

Step 2: Making Foot Paddle for Sanitizer Dispenser

This is another Seperate Part of this Project. 1st We have to take Solid Cube to build rod like Structure and Another Solid Cube and Solid Widge for Foot paddle.

Step 3: Joining 1st Part and 2nd Part

By joining two parts of this project we finally done 80% of this project.

Step 4: Making Stand or Holder for Sanitizer

After merging two parts We have to make Stand or Holder for Sanitizer Bottle.

Step 5: Conclusion

Now a Days We are all Suffering from Covid - 19. For that Compalorily we should use Sanitizer, So For poor people It is very difficult to buy Iron Made Sanitizer Dispenser. So by developing this or selling this is cheaper than Steel Dispenser.

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