Introduction: 3d Printed Car

start your 3d printing journey

Step 1: Step 1 Gather Materials

the materials you will need are

  • sketchup program intalled on your computer
  • cura program installed on your computer
  • pla to insert into the machine so you have something to make the car with
  • 3d printing machine
  • pliers to take any support off of the car that you had put on there
  • tweizers to take the old color out of the machine if you dont have a raft
  • file to smooth out surfaces
  • motors
  • battery pack
  • switch
  • solder and solder machine
  • hot glue gun if you want
  • spatula to get it off the machine

Step 2: Step 2

the picture shows what it should look like when you start it up

this step is before my video on how to build it

start up sketch up program and delete the little guy that is in your sketchup program

if you are not familiar with sketch up go through a tutorial that is with sketch up and get familiar with your tools that are in your tool bar and if you want to install more tools if you want later on if you keep using this software.

Step 3: Video on How to Start Making Your Car

when using cura you got to make sure everythings the way you want it and to make sure you got all the settings right and to make sure its on the right temperature.

sorry for any weird voice changes and any other noise you hear in the back ground of my video.

Step 4: Printing Process

Step 5: Finished Product

mine is a little beat up because are class that we did these for we had to race them and mine one of the wheels fell off but if you make one i think it will be better then mine.

so happy printing.