3d Printed Desk Tidy

Introduction: 3d Printed Desk Tidy

Before you go through this instructable, I would like to apologize about the provided images, I have not found out how to flip them but I would like to hope that they can provide you with the necessary information!

Step 1: Design Desk Tidy in Autodesk

  • You first have to design your Desk tidy in AutoDesk (preferably 2017)
  • If you are unfamiliar with AutoDesk, the provided video is very helpful

Step 2: Convert to STL File

  • Once you are done with your Desk Tidy design, you will have to convert it to a STL file for makerbot
  • To do this, you have to go and click save in the top right corner of the screen
  • Then click export
  • After you click export, you click CAD format
  • This will bring you to your documents save page
  • Once here you click on the bottom bar which says "save as type"
  • Then scroll down to find STL file
  • Once found you click on it
  • Then you save your design
  • Note: I had two parts to my desk tidy so I had to do this twice

Step 3: Export to Makerbot

  • Once your file/s are converted to STL files
  • You open Makerbot and export them into the software

Step 4: Scale and Save Onto a USB

  • Now in Makerbot, you have to scale and move your file/s around to where you would like them on the printing plate
  • If you are not familiar with this software, the provided video is very helpful

Step 5: Put USB Into 3d Printer and Print

  • Insert USB into 3d printer
  • Go to option print
  • Then USB Storage
  • Once inside the USB, go and find your file then select
  • Let the machine go through its given procedure
  • Let is print!

Step 6: Assemble

  • Assemble your Desk Tidy
  • My Desk Tidy needed to be sanded to make it more appealing
  • Note: In my design, I used polypropylene and plastic buttons
  • Yours can be any wacky design you want it to be

Thank you for viewing my Instructable

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    4 years ago

    That's a neat design :), although most of your photos are upside down.

    Thomas Cole Yr 10
    Thomas Cole Yr 10

    Reply 4 years ago

    Hey Swansong, thanks for the comment, I am sorry about the images :(


    Reply 4 years ago

    No worries! :) If you go into edit on the instructable under your profile you can actually use the built in photo editor to turn them around if you'd like.