Introduction: (3d Printed) Easy Potato Holder and Slicer! @tinkercad

cooking luxury, in 10 minutes or less!

Step 1: Making a Potato Bin!

first of all, we need somewheres to store our precious, precious potatoes. with TinkerCAD, create the same size walls as in the photo and form them into a box, just like the photo.

Step 2: Let Them Out!

those potatoes need some way to get out into your kitchen to be baked, mashed, or even eaten raw!

using the intuitive hole block, size it to be 70 mm high and about a third of the length of your box. then, just choose a side to put the hole in, and move to the next step!

Step 3: Making the Cutting Board!

have you ever wanted to slam a potato to its doom on a spike? now you can with this cutting board! just make a board around 90 mm in one direction, and any amount in the other. then, in the middle of the board, place a cone and make it as spiky as possible. then, export it to your slicer of choice and enjoy! for long-term potato storage, a flap made of one layer of PLA can be bent out of the way and keeps the bugs out.

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